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Ville de Saint-Martin-de-Crau

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"Une ville de Provence chaleureuse et accueillante"
"Une ville de Provence chaleureuse et accueillante"

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Feast of Michaelmas

Horaires :
Usually held in late September
In the minds of all, the end of September is associated with the traditional feast of Michaelmas.
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Driven by the cheerfulness and enthusiasm of its organisers, the members of the Caphan Festival Committee, the festival builds on simple recipes for fun-filled activities, and its program has been unanimously praised!

Concerts, live bands, comedy shows, children’s games (...), are always in great demand by the festival’s loyal audience!

The culmination of these events unquestionably remains the gourmet Sunday lunch featuring the renowned Provençal aioli in a musical atmosphere, with the participation of hundreds of guests...

Additional informations 

Throughout the year, the "Actualités" section (in French only) offers full information on upcoming events (programmes, timetables, venues, etc).