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Ville de Saint-Martin-de-Crau

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"Une ville de Provence chaleureuse et accueillante"
"Une ville de Provence chaleureuse et accueillante"

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La Crau Ecomuseum

Localisation :
The La Crau Ecomuseum was created in 1987 by the Research Conservatory on Provence Ecosystems (CEEP) with the support of the Municipality and the Foundation for Natural Heritage in Europe (STIFTUNG). Today it plays an important role in the cultural life of Saint Martin and in the town’s tourism development.

Located in an old sheep barn in the heart of the city, it invites you to discover the riches of the Crau region through:
- A permanent exhibition
- Temporary exhibitions
- Discovery of the "Draille des Coussouls" Trail
- A souvenir store

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The permanent exhibition highlights the treasures and traditions of La Crau: its geology, history, flora and fauna, including rare and protected species, such as the pin-tailed sandgrouse, the little bustard, the lesser kestrel, etc.

The temporary exhibitions change every three months. Whether artistic or educational in nature, these exhibitions are always about La Crau and the protection of the natural environment.

The "Draille des Coussouls" Trail takes you directly to the heart of the Nature Reserve. For more information, please consult the relevant information sheet.

The souvenir store offers a selection of nature books on specific subjects, maps, books, as well as regional produce.

In addition, the entrance to the Ecomuseum also leads to the Retro Museum, a space dedicated to the reconstruction of scenes of everyday life of the past.

Open Monday to Saturday
From 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.
Free admission and parking