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Ville de Saint-Martin-de-Crau

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"Une ville de Provence chaleureuse et accueillante"
"Une ville de Provence chaleureuse et accueillante"

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Festival Voix de Femmes (Women’s Voices Festival)

Renseignements :
The vocal art festival "Voix de Femmes" was initiated in 2003. Every year since then, women have taken the limelight with brilliance in March.
This event, organized by the Cultural Development Centre (CDC), offers high-quality programming that has gradually become established on its own merits.
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Contributing both to the artists’ recognition and to the pleasure of audiences, the "Festival Voix de Femmes" radiates well beyond the town’s boundaries. In addition to concerts, other events such as exhibitions, meetings, film screenings, etc, enhance the magic of the feminine world.

It is an expression of femininity in all its facets... Let yourself be captivated and impressed by these generous and open-hearted artists that overflow with talent...

Additional informations 

Throughout the year, the "Actualités" section (in French only) offers full information on upcoming events (programmes, timetables, venues, etc).