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Ville de Saint-Martin-de-Crau

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"Une ville de Provence chaleureuse et accueillante"
"Une ville de Provence chaleureuse et accueillante"

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Environmental Aspects

Environmental protection involves limiting the impact of human activity on climate changes at all levels. This also means safeguarding the ecological and natural heritage of the town. In addition, it means making the necessary decisions to preserve them for future generations.... These are imperatives that the Municipality has been committed to meet for many years. For example, in 2008 the majority group decided that the faction’s name would include the slogan: "Saint Martin with Heart and Passion for Sustainable Development".

When talking about environment, we immediately think of the three-flower environmental-quality award, quality of life and town development. However, the policy pursued by the town goes far beyond the mere "ornamental" commitment. For many years, it has pursued an ambitious policy spanning 5 areas:
- Constructive and sustainable commitment
- Promotion of selective waste collection
- Responsible energy management
- Protection of the Crau nature reserve
- Preservation of water quality

Protection of La Crau Nature Reserve 

The protection of the Crau, the last steppe of Europe, is also an important pillar of our environmental policy. This vast expanse of rocks deposited by the Durance river during the last glacial periods, originally covered an area of nearly 40,000 hectares. Today the original Coussoul plains cover less than 7,000 hectares. Protection of the Coussouls has become imperative and is implemented through close and effective partnership between all the stakeholders: The State, the Chamber of Agriculture, the CEEP-Ecomuseum, La Crau Hay Making Committee, etc. The protection program has several components:
- Establishment of the Nature Reserve of the Crau Coussouls on 7,000 acres in 2001
- Establishment of 5 "Natura 2000" protected sites
- Creation of the Regional Park of Alpilles, 3000 hectares of which are located on land belonging to the township